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European Escapes Rental Contract Terms & Conditions

EUROPEAN ESCAPES RENTAL TERMS & CONDITIONS:  ALL BOOKINGS WITH EUROPEAN ESCAPES ARE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: Initialing and submitting of reservation/booking form and payment of rental deposit to European Escapes indicates acknowledgement and acceptance.

RESERVATION/BOOKING REQUEST & PAYMENT: Upon client's request for booking, European Escapes will advise client of full charges due and amount of deposit needed to hold/option a property. Upon receipt of payment and acceptance by European Escapes, client will be notified of reservation confirmation. Depending on the specific rental property,  the balance will be due a minimum of 2 months prior to rental commencement. Final documentation and information will be provided following receipt of full/final  payment on client's invoice and will go out to client  a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks prior to rental commencement.

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE: Rentals will typically commence after 4 p.m. on rental arrival date and conclude before 9 or 10 a.m. on scheduled rental departure date.

OCCUPANCY: Number of persons occupying property shall not exceed the number stated in booking form. Rental may be subject to cancellation and penalties if number exceeds confirmed occupants listed on booking form. No refunds will be made if the number of occupants violates the rental agreement.

PROPERTY/PRICING: In the event of unforeseen circumstances over which European Escapes has no control, European Escapes reserves the right to offer a substitute accommodation of similar category. When extenuating circumstances dictate, rental prices and conditions may be subject to change. European Escapes will notify client of said changes within 48 hours of disclosure.

CHANGES/LATE BOOKINGS: For any alteration to a booking, on the condition that the accommodation and rental dates do not change, a charge of  USD  75.00  may be levied for each.

SECURITY/REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS: Properties require refundable deposits to cover certain expenses, i.e., possible damages, telephone charges, utilities, linen, cleaning, maintenance, etc. Client will be notified at time of booking what  additional charges/deposits are required. Said deposits will typically be paid upon arrival in cash in the local country currency .

CANCELLATION: Once a deposit has been rendered and a European Escapes confirmation/invoice has been issued to client, any cancellation must reach European Escapes in writing. Cancellation penalties are as follows: Cancellation more than 8 weeks prior to start date: 35 % of total rental price, Cancellation from 8 weeks to 6 weeks prior to start date: 50 % of total rental price, Cancellation 6 weeks or less than 6 weeks prior to start date: no refunds.  Please note that in most cases if a property is substituted with another or if rental period is revised that cancellation fees apply. IN ORDER TO MOST FULLY PROTECT CLIENTS, EUROPEAN ESCAPES STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THAT CLIENTS TAKE OUT SOME FORM OF CANCELLATION INSURANCE.  Some of our rentals have required purchase of cancellation insurance as a condition of renting.

CLAIMS: Any valid claims/complaints must be made within first 48 hours of the rental period. Client must first deal with local supplier/agent/designee as shown on Voucher. If they are unable to amend any justifiable issue, European Escapes must be contacted within the first 48 hours of rental period. European Escapes is not liable for any claims made after conclusion of rental period. Clients who abandon a property without notifying European Escapes in advance lose all rights to any eventual refund or rebate.

RESPONSIBILITY: European Escapes makes every effort to ensure that properties fit client specifications and are safe for occupancy, however no warranty or guarantee of safety is made by European Escapes. Renters are advised to use appropriate caution/discretion when traveling/residing in a new area, and clients are required to leave the premises in reasonable clean/in good order. In no event shall European Escapes or its agents be liable for consequential damages resulting from any incurred loss, injury, damages, theft, expenses due to delays, schedule changes, sickness, acts of nature, strikes, war, theft or other external circumstances beyond its control. Any and all description, information, and literature supplied by European Escapes or its agents/suppliers is done so in good faith and European Escapes assumes no liability for any errors or inaccuracies in literature or property descriptions.

European Escapes makes every effort to ensure that it deals only with the most reputable property owners and suppliers, and to ensure that rental properties are properly maintained, clean, and functional. While European Escapes takes on only the role of intermediary between its overseas suppliers/agents and its clients/accounts and is not liable or under any further responsibility, our goal is to ensure that each client has an enjoyable and fulfilling trip. Clients are also encouraged to bear in mind that there are inherent differences in country's standards and amenities and it is these differences that often comprise the essence of venturing abroad.

Privacy Policy: All information is kept in-house and strictly confidential.

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