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We have luxury villas, country estates, chateaux,  for your vacation in Provence. In today's fast-paced world, it is sometimes hard to believe that a place like Provence exists at all, a place where the pace of life is slower, where the art of living has been honed over the centuries and is reduced to its barest essentials: sun, food, wine, good company and relaxation... where meandering walks amongst herb-scented hillsides take you to sleepy villages, where horizons are broken only by the pure glare of the southern sun reflecting off the colored tiles of the roofs, where the toughest decision you make all day is where to have lunch...and still and quiet summer nights lure you out to the terrace of your holiday home to sip a glass of local wine and nibble on olives and fresh bread bought at the open-air market in the village...everything that makes you remember why it is that you go to France: to feel at home in the world. Enjoy the great climate, beauty and charm of Provence in your own villa and make your stay special. Discover the charms of Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Gordes, Saint Remy-de-Provence, and the other charming towns and villages in this unique area. Explore the local museums, the artist havens, the abundance of the local markets, the culture of Provence, along with the food and wines of the countryside:





Provence......Enjoy shopping for fresh foods, the bakeries, the markets, your own cooking in your villa with all the wonderful breads, fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses this area of France has to offer. Start your morning with a stop at the bakery for freshly baked croissants or baguettes to bring home,  or enjoy a sidewalk cafe for a steaming cafe au lait with your morning newspaper.  Then go to the local market to shop for your lunch provisions. Get into the rhythm of the Provence lifestyle, stop at the butcher for chops, buy the freshest of vegetables for your lunch. Find the best cheeses, fruits, to take home to your villa. Explore the area to find the flower market, the best farmers market. Attend a cooking school. While away the afternoon eating an elegant lunch in the courtyard of a French restaurant, or a sidewalk cafe. Try a different restaurant each evening for dinner. Or cook at home, and then find the perfect spot to go out for an after dinner drink. The pace is slow, the food is great, the wonderful markets will have you wanting to cook at your holiday home, making  local Provencal dishes with the freshest of ingredients you purchased today.  There is so much to do here, and many lovely picturesque villages to explore. When you tire of the Provencal countryside, drive towards the coast for a visit to the beaches. Provence has so much to offer for your holiday.