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VACATION VILLA RENTALS. GREEK ISLANDS: The Cyclades....If you're looking for the picture postcard splendor of Greece for your holiday home, you'll want to look at our selection of villa rentals in the Cyclades, the most well-known of the  2,000 Greek islands. We have lovely luxury villa rentals on the jet-set island of Mykonos, known as the Greek St Tropez, and Syros Island, the emerging, not yet over-crowded island. Explore the Greek Islands. On Mykonos, you will find sandy beaches and epic nightlife. Wander along the beaches on the shores of Paros, discover the 19th century awe of Syros, see the stately Venetian villas of Naxos. From turquoise seas to azure skies, Greek temples, Byzantine monasteries, Minoan palaces, or just afternoons whiled away poolside or on a shady terrace of a taverna, Greece is the place to go, an ideal locale to rent a holiday villa.

With white cubist houses perched over the sea, Europe's finest beaches, fiery sunsets that melt into the ink-blue Aegean Sea, delectable  food and drink and a rich and glorious history, Greece is probably closer to most people's dreams of paradise than anywhere in Europe.  For this reason it is at once the most touristed yet least explored country in all of Europe, which means that it is a particularly ideal locale to rent a villa, house or apartment. With so many islands, from world famous Mykonos & Santorini to secluded and lesser known island paradises, Greece has more coastline and beaches than any country in Europe. Enjoy the islands of the Aegean or any of the other wonderful Greek Islands. Rent a vacation villa for your holiday on Mykonos  Syros  Crete  Paros,,Corfu, Evia or another Greek Island. You can search by bedrooms, island and your price range on our  VILLA SEARCH PAGE

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Mykonos  Mykonos, the most popular of the Greek Islands, known for its summer jet-set partying crowd, is a maze of white-washed narrow paved streets. The harbor is filled with the international yacht set, and is the holiday destination for the rich. Great clubs and restaurants.  Mykonos -  the perfect island for the ultimate luxury vacation, with wonderful villas to rent to make Mykonos your home, to enjoy the great beaches, restaurants, nightlife, the awe of glorious sunsets, and to join the jet setters in this sublime vacation spot. We have many luxury villa rentals here and great off season prices if you go at a quieter time of the year. Most villas are air-conditioned and now with wifi connections. Chef service available on request.

Syros  Syros Island, home of wealthy Greek ship owners, with villas and several private estates for holiday rentals. This enchanting island is the capital of the Cyclades and one of the more charming and inspiring of Greek islands, and benefits from it's proximity to Mykonos, Tinos, Delos and Paros as well as the mainland. There is an airport on the island with regular flights daily to and from Athens, as well as being served by hydrofoil, fast ferries and regular ferries from Athens and other islands. Syros boasts a glorious history to explore and is a wonderful area for your holiday home.

Evia  Greece's second largest island, with wonderful beaches and less tourists than most, a slice of classic and authentic Greek island life, nor far from Athens. You can drive to the island of Evia from the airport.

Crete  The largest island in the Mediterranean and a visit to this beautiful island so rich in natural beauty and with such an abundance of activities quickly makes one understand Cretans fervent patriotism and legendary hospitality. Our Crete holiday homes are sprinkled along the island's beautiful northwestern coast, particularly around the charming little historic port of Chania and its waterfront promenade. We also have many fine homes surrounding the larger city of Rethymnon and its historic Venetian castle. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to explore the virtually "undiscovered" southern coast of Crete, where we have a number of secluded and quiet homes and apartments that offer quiet beaches and easy access to rugged mountain hikes and the famous Samaria Gorge, Europe's deepest canyon. Being the furthest south of Greece's islands, Crete has a longer sun and swimming season where you can generally expect to take comfortable swims from May through October, and it is large enough that it is even a pleasant off-season winter destination.

Corfu Nestling the west coast of Greece, Corfu has a rich history as a playground for Europeans and its exotic mix of Greek and Venetian culture has left a lasting imprint on this wooded and beautiful island. Due to its particular popularity with English travelers and expatriate residents, we proudly are able to offer a great number of beautiful holiday rental homes that are lovingly cared for by their owners who often live there for a good deal of the year. Some of our Corfu homes have easy access to the splendid beaches and private swimming pools.

Paros  The island of Paros is the very heart of the Cyclades and Paros boasts perhaps the very best of the quintessential Greece that most travelers dream of: whitewashed cubist buildings nestled around an inviting seaside and nestled up against a backdrop of hillsides lined with vineyards and olive groves, all adorning the stunning crystal-clear blues of the Aegean Sea. You can take day ferries to neighboring islands, such as Mykonos. Paros Island, with beautiful sandy beaches, for relaxing, or if you're looking for summer nightlife in a laid back lifestyle. The popular town of Parikia, on the waterfront, with lots of outdoor activity, places to eat and drink plus lovely sandy beaches. Local artists and festivals. And there's the beautiful island of AntiParos with its long sandy beach. Two great islands to choose for a wonderful Greek Island holiday.

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